Structure Section

Section construction engineering services as distinct those services include studies and tests of the validity of the tests and all the fresh concrete and sediments.

As Section construction expertise in the treatment installations cracked through laboratory tests of samples in addition to the field tests and computerized analysis.

The Section also, doing an engineering designs construction of residential buildings, hospitals, businesses and factories, in addition to examining the validity of the installations and review engineering drawings and oversee the implementation of installations.

  Interior &Landscape Design Section

       Section provides artistic creativity to provide in all shows architectural and interior design work of
       modern methods art direction, where programs used 3 d max- AutoCAD -Photoshop is the use of the latest 
       treatment methods MANTRAY - VRAY
       Attached some models

Section advertising :
      This modern section construction was founded to serve clients in collaboration with a group of young owners'  
      artist's creative ideas.
      Attached some models

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